Sam Woodard

Cofounder and CEO

Sam is a math teacher and an engineer. As a math teacher he experienced the potential for using collaboration and groupwork to help students learn from each other. Sam's passion for creating education technology started as an Algebra 2 student when he programmed a TI-83 calculator to do the quadratic equation.

Kostub Deshmukh

Cofounder and CTO

Kostub is an experienced software engineer who has previously worked at Google, Amazon and multiple startups. Kostub is a math enthusiast with a silver medal at the International Math Olympiad. Kostub's most recent obsession with edtech began when he saw his kids learning with the iPad and realized the enormous potential these devices could have in education.


David Johns

David is a veteran math teacher and education technology pioneer with over 20 years experience. He has taught and developed curriculum for math and programming in grades 5 through 12. Additionally he has developed his own education technology tools including a website with math puzzles and activities and a large collection of instructional videos.

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